Know your ECE R65 Regulations

ECE R65: is a regulation standard published/enforced by the United Nations for the on-road use of vehicle warning lamps such as beacons, lightbars and surface mounts, specifies the required light value, distribution direction and minimal specification. This standard is divided into two classes:

R65 Class l: Mainly for Amber I Blue usage on the vehicle as a visual warning device. Amber colour warning lamp is allowed to be used by any private or governmental vehicle without authorization.

R65 Class II: Mainly for Blue usage on Emergency vehicles such as police cars / ambulances / fire trucks. Blue colour warning lamps can only be used by authorized vehicles such as police, ambulance and other government authorized vehicles.


R65 is categorised into 3 different categories based on the output direction of the device.

X: Equivalent to SAE J595, mainly to measure the light value of the device at its direct position.

T: Equivalent to SAE J845, mainly to measure the light value of the device at its 360 degrees surrounding value.

HT: 135 degrees measurement of the light value of the devices output.

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